Mission work continues today at First…

We continue in the footsteps of our founding fathers by supporting missions both locally and overseas. 

On October 20 of 2021 we started a Kid’s Club at
Pinewood Elementary school in Pollock Pines. We look forward to the opportunity of helping the children to
know Jesus.

We financially support the following:

Hangtown Haven (Nomadic winter shelter)
Sheriff’s fund for children
Matt & Dee Dee, missionaries in Asia
Youth for Christ, Brad & Angie in Cypress

 Internally we offer:
V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School) 
K.B.S. (Kid’s Bible Study) every other Friday from 5:30-7:oopm
Various Adult Bible studies
Sunday School for children (when we get interest)

Confirmation classes
Various fellowship events for our congregation, their family, and friends.


fellowship event at River Cats  game