Mission work continues today at First…

We continue in the footsteps of our founding fathers by supporting missions both locally and overseas. 

We are in the process of starting a Kid’s Club at Pinewood Elementary school in Pollock Pines.

Minister to Christ-Like Services by offering an early morning Bible Study for them, along with financial support.

We financially support the following:
Hangtown Haven (Nomadic winter shelter)
Sheriff’s fund for children
Matt & Dee Dee, missionaries in Asia
Youth for Christ in Cypress

 Internally we offer:
V.B.S. (Vacation Bible Study) for our church and the community
K.B.S. (Kid’s Bible Study) ever other Friday from 5:30-7:oopm
Various Bible studies
Confirmation classes

Various fellowship events for our congregation, their family, and friends.

fellowship event at River Cats  game