We are in the process of calling a pastor, in the meantime we are served by various pastors:
Pastor Ted Hartman
Pastor Carlos Hernandez
Pastor Bob Fickenscher
Pastor Tim Miller
Pastor Don Schedler

Pastor Mike Lange
And others

 Something new every Sunday!

Office Manager:
Donna Kemppainen
Monday & Tuesday:
8:00am to 5:00pm

Vicki Hermone
7:30am – 4:00pm

Wendy Payton, director of all music
Adult voice choir: “Jubilate”
English Hand Bell Choir: “Bells of Praise”
Organist & Pianist
for our services

Board of Trustees:
President: Robert Hall
Secretary: LaVonne Monroe
Treasurer: Donna Kemppainen
Brenda Anderson
Stephen Cass

Head Elder: Rich Yanick
John Mooney
Bob Rios
Larry Adloff
Jack Hertzberg
Martin Bross

Memorial Commitee:
Donna Kemppainen
Kathy Tong
Jerry Tong
Laurie Hertzberg


Property Board
Lead: Steve Kemppainen
Jack Hertzberg
Martin Bross

Various volunteers for special projects

Fellowship Committee
Ken Freese
Larry Hermone
Vicki Hermone
Laurie Hertzberg
Ruth Boyle
Bob Wakeman
Wendy Payton
Jenny Yanick
Donna Kemppainen



Sunday worship 10:00 am
masks optional

Sunday school/Bible Studies
Sunday school for kids -9:00am
(not during summer months)
Sunday Adult Bible Study 9:00am
We are known to be a friendly church, come join us!
We worship an average of 75-80 per Sunday